Thursday, February 1, 2007

The Deadly Comfort Zone

We are so addicted to our comfort zones. Rare is the person who has the courage to live their potential and express his or her innate or cultivated gifts. As it says in the Gospel of Thomas, “That which is within us and expressed will set us free. That which is within us and not expressed will eat us inside.” If we don’t express our gifts, they will wither. We lose what we don’t use.

We are so much greater than we think we are. We have unlimited support that we rarely tap into. We settle for so much less than we have available to us. We shortchange ourselves, and our creator by not living as expanded as we can, all in the name of comfort and fear of stepping out of that zone. Unfortunately, what we call the comfort zone is the zone that will eat us inside.

I know, all too well, that zone that can eat us inside. I also know the feeling of stepping out of the zone, the fear as well as the exhilaration of doing so. That comfort zone feels pretty good for a while, especially if life has been challenging. Yet, it never stays comfortable. The urge to grow and evolve is a pull from a force much larger than our mini-me self. If we resist that pull we experience the wrath of that force. Our creator does not want to be held back from expanding us into who we are meant to be. Our bodies, our minds, our emotions all speak out when we ignore our inner urge to fly.

If we pay attention to what we desire, to what our hearts ache for, we get a clue to what we are here for. We all know deep within us what that is, but most of us are so distracted from that place of knowing that we spend our lives just getting by. Imagine living your life feeling as if everything you do is just what you want to be doing. Imagine a world where everyone is doing just what we want. Why would we live any differently? Why are so many of us living lives of drudgery? I believe it is because we are afraid to step up to the plate and swing. We are conditioned to believe that we are unworthy, too young, too old, not smart enough…the list goes on and on. But it’s not true! We are all worthy or we wouldn’t be here. Our dreams want us as much as we want them.

I believe all disorders whether physical, emotional or mental stem from the withering of potential, our dreams unlived. Our bodies try to tell us, our emotions try to tell us, but we often fail to listen. Imagine if we spent our time, moment by moment, listening to our hearts and, coming from integrity, acted on what our hearts were calling for. We are all ONE expressing, as leaves on a tree express their individual selves. Just as the leaves are part of the same tree, dependent on the force of the tree for their lives, we are all dependent on the same force, which animates our lives. Why would a force, which animates us, not want to be expressed fully? When we allow the force to move through us expressing, we experience enormous power and flow. It’s not in our strategies and manipulations that we find our way, but in our surrender, allowing the Divine Force to do its thing!


Anonymous said...

You have brought to light the basic conundrum here Jarl. How hard is it to just "be". To honor the self, thank thyself, everyday say "good job self" the self is primordial, childlike, and innocent.

Anonymous said...

One Collective Conscience! What if every being in the Universe, simultaneously projected their harmony vibration? sOmethings gonna pop.