Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Are You Needed to Run Your LIfe?

About 10 years ago I was driving my car one morning and a very clear and distinct voice inside my head said, “If you will just relax and let me run the show, I will do such a better job than you could ever think of doing.” I was a little stunned to hear this voice to say the least, but very intrigued. I had heard the saying from the Advaita system of thought, “We are not the doers!” so this was not a new concept to me. I set out to experiment with this idea of just relaxing and letting go of the reins, so to speak. I decided (if I am even the decider) to let the voice who spoke those confident words, take a shot at it. I hadn’t done such a bad job, but I did want to see if this voice could, in fact, do such a better job.

I started by doing whatever was already in the dayplanner, such as my usual tai chi classes, clients and social engagements, etc. But as far as planning and acting as if I had to work to design my life for success and happiness, I relaxed and followed whatever was in front of me. When I would leave my tai chi classes, I would watch where I was “moved” in that moment to go. If I went home, I would putter around the house until I got a clear direction of what to do next. The phone would ring and it would be someone asking me to help them with something or go somewhere with them, and that would be my information as to what to do. If a “should” came up, I would notice it and turn my focus to something enjoyable. I did what felt good and right and nothing that felt like it arose from guilt or fear.

My life took a decidedly more relaxed tone, although it did actually seem to get busier with positive, helpful and enjoyable ways of being. New vistas opened that I doubt would have ever appeared as possibilities to me, and in ways I could never have planned or schemed up. The voice was right. I’m still experimenting with this notion of ‘not being the doer’. My life as I live it right now is not what my little mind would ever have come up with. And, I must say, I really like it. I now spend my time trying to stay focused on gratitude and keeping my vibration up so that awesome voice inside me has a good environment within which to create.

That’s not always such an easy job but getting much more so!

I'm writing this blog because I just came upon a couple paragraphs in an fabulous book by Paramahamsa Nithyananda's Living Enlightenment:

"...we have an automatic intelligence that can run our lives, that can take care of our day-to-day responsibilities. Not only can it run our lives, it can maintain, extend, and expand our lives as well...."

"If you just relax, the automatic intelligence of Existence will run your life beautifully for you. Your actions will be automatically propelled by the energy of Existence."

Thank you, Nithyananda for confirming and giving a name to that voice: the Intelligence of Existence!

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