Friday, January 12, 2007

The Magic of Intention & Happy Birthday, Beth

A few weeks ago I was talking with my dear friend David at a small breakfast party when he mentioned that his wife, Beth had a birthday coming up and he was looking for gift ideas. I've known David for many years and this gift search is a subject which surfaces regularly as a major concern of his. He has, at least once, put it out to our entire tai chi class to solve.

A few days after our breakfast party, my French friend, Marie-Christine, who does this wonderfully relaxing work called "Qi Facial Rejuvenation" was visiting and we were discussing ideas for changes in her brochure. David and Beth came to mind. I thought, Beth might really enjoy this work. I emailed David with Marie-Christine's phone number and a brief discription of her work.

David then called Marie-Christine and asked for a brochure so he had something to actually give to Beth on her birthday. She told him to get a brochure from me, since she had left her brochures at my house for me to play around with. David then called me asking for a brochure, but I didn't hear the message until the next day, so I didn't return his call. When I finally heard the message, I emailed him that I was not having success with my remake of her brochure and didn't really have anything to give him. David didn't see that message and said he had planned on coming to my tai chi class in the morning to pick up the brochure from me. As circumstances had it around his home that morning, he wasn't able to come to the class and it would have been to no avail as I didn't have a brochure anyway. At this point, (which was yesterday) it's the day before Beth's birthday, he's seen my email, has no brochure, and is really wondering what to do.

At around 4pm I receive a phone call from Marie-Christine telling me she has a story for me but she's driving and will call me later. At 6 pm, I receive a phone call from David. "Hey Jarl," he says, "I have a great story for you!

Here's the story now, having heard it from both of them:

Yesterday morning Marie-Christine has the idea to pick up my favorite bread, walnut/cranberry from Acme bakery, drop it by my house and check on the brochures before she heads back across the bay to Marin. She looks in the phone book and sees there is an Acme bakery closer to my house than the one she usually goes to, so she decides to go to that one. She's driving around looking for this bakery and sees a small group of people standing together on this obscure street where she has never been. She stops her car, gets out and asks if anyone knows where the Acme bakery is. Hearing a French accent, David, who is there working on a project, steps foward and says, "By any chance, is your name Marie-Christine?" "Yes," she answers. "I'm David" he says, "the David who has been trying to get your brochure for my wife's present!" They stand there stunned at the amazing syncronicity. Marie-Christine happens to have one brochure in her car which she then hand delivers to David.

How's that for the magic of intention!
Good job, David!
Happy Birthday, Beth!


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