Thursday, January 11, 2007

What can I do?

Imagine if our leaders based all their decisions on the teachings of Lao-Tsu, Buddha, or the real teachings of Jesus Christ. It seems our world leaders are not aware of the true spiritual principles and universal laws which govern our lives. I know the difference self-inquiry and living in alignment with universal laws and principles has had on the quality of my life. What if our leaders actually led from that wisdom.

Now when I ask myself what I can do, I realize I can work on becoming more consciously aware of my own projections and radiance. I can remember that what I sow, I reap, not only for myself in my own life, but also for the entire world. I can visualize myself in alignment with Truth. I can act from the place of conscious response rather than unconscious reactivity.

I feel an empowering paradigm shift, in my life when I take responsibility for my own thoughts, words and actions. They return to me in like-kind and create my experience in every moment. We can each make a contribution to that paradigm shift and change the world one person at a time by vigilant and conscious awareness of the quality of thoughts we cultivate, the quality of the words we speak, the quality of our intentions and the quality of our actions. As I experience the difference in my life when I live these principles, I know this difference extends out into the world, one moment at a time.

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