Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts are things. We create the quality of our lives by the thoughts we entertain, whether consciously or not. We don't create our thoughts, they just arise as possibilities in the cosmos which we then attract by our energetic vibration and cultivate into our life experience. Just like people passing us on the street, some look interesting and some do not. For example, a drug addict may look very interesting to another drug addict who is experiencing similar needs, perhaps a fix. Whereas, a mother with a child may be repelled by this same person. A math professor engrossed in solving a problem may not even notice the drug addict.

We are all in our own, self-created worlds. These worlds may interconnect with one another on many levels, but nevertheless be radically different, experientially. When we become conscious of this, we can begin to create our lives in alignment with our desires and eliminate unpleasant aspects which we are creating from our conditioned minds.

What power and freedom we actually have! Unfortunately, it is common in those of us who experience unpleasant situations to reject the notion that we are the creators of our circumstances. It's understandable that we are reluctant to admit we have done these unpleasant things to ourselves. So we project outward onto someone or something else and say they did it to us. Maybe we say God did it to us. This gives all our power away and leaves us feeling like a victim. Whether it is a physical illness, an emotional struggle, or even a war between countries, we are creating our experience of it. Notice I did not say creating IT. I am saying we are creating our EXPERIENCE of it.

Life happens! It is very important to not get stuck in the guilt trap, which is probably why anyone would reject this idea in the first place. It's how we interpret, spin, and deal with what happens that creates our experience of life. This is quite clear when we see someone who "has it all" and is miserable, or vice versa. I know people who are experiencing life-threatening illnesses who spend little time talking about it, are vibrant and inspired by the challenge of the "project". I know others who verbalize every ache or pain they experience and look beat down and victimized by their own incessant "verbage".

We're all just creating our own experience of what's happening. Those of us who moan and groan do so because we're not conscious of the negative effect it's having on us. When we become conscious and realize, without guilt, just what this behavior is doing to us, we have a choice! And what is really cool, is that we can change our experience and make it one that feels good!

Imagine a world in which every one of us is taking radical responsibility for our own happiness and well-being and turning each experience into a joyful one of love and gratitude. That would surely put an end to war and bring about world peace. Let's do it!

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